Regulating Product Safety: The Informational Role of the US Federal Trade Commission

Abstracted in 4 Marketing and Public Policy Conference Proceedings 128 (D. Ringold, ed. 1994).


Journal of Consumer Policy




Those familiar with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission know that it often deals with product safety issues. Nevertheless it is not generally recognized as a "safety agency." This paper undertakes a comprehensive review and analysis of the FTC's safety-related activities. It also presents a preliminary evaluation of the potential for FTC safety-related activities to improve consumer product-related safety as compared to other, more traditional, forms of safety law and regulation. It recommends that the FTC make greater use of its unfairness authority to provide safety information during the period of product use in contrast to the Commission's current focus on regulating pre-purchase information.


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Petty, Ross D. 1995. “Regulating product safety: The informational role of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.” Journal of Consumer Policy 18, no. 4: 387.

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