Advertising Challenges: A Strategic Framework and Current Review

(with Robert J. Kopp)
Reprinted in 18(2) ADVERTISING LAW ANTHOLOGY 3 (1995)


Journal of Advertising Research


A strategic framework for the analysis of advertising challenges is presented. Advertising challenges are claims by consumers, competitors or regulatory bodies that an advertisement is either false, misleading or deceptive. The Six 'Tions' framework utilizes the six major components of any advertising challenge as a template. They are initiation, interpretation, deception, verification remediation and intention. The framework supposes that the advertising regulatory process goes through five consecutive stages, which is started with the initiation of a challenge and terminated with the remediation or penalty. Intention, which is the sixth stage, may have an effect at different points of the basic five-stage sequence. Development of the framework reviews the existing condition of advertising law and offers recommendations on how legal risks can be managed.


Advertising and Promotion Management | Commercial Law

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Petty, Ross D., and Robert J. Kopp. 1995. "Advertising Challenges: A Strategic Framework and Current Review." Journal of Advertising Research 35, no. 2: 41-55.

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