Advertising Law and Social Issues: The Global Perspective

Reprinted in 17(2) ADVERTISING LAW ANTHOLOGY 721 (1994)


Suffolk Transnational Law Review


Early regulation also includes proscriptions that protect local content such as language, or local actors, in advertising, or local production of the advertising. ... First, it may cause a denigration of program content as advertisers bid to support the most popular, not necessarily the highest quality, television programs. ... Countries that do not prohibit tobacco advertising generally regulate either its content or its timing. ... In addition, Mexico limits the content of the advertisements to information about product quality and characteristics. Switzerland regulates the content of alcohol advertisements by prohibiting the use of people in television or print advertisements for alcohol. Venezuela also regulates the content of alcohol advertising by prohibiting the use of testimonials and status symbols in its pre-clearance process. ... The FTC proposed, but later withdrew, a regulation on advertising to children that focused on foods with high sugar content.


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Petty, Ross D. 1994. “Advertising Law and Social Issues: The Global Perspective.” Suffolk Transnational Law Review 17, no. 2: 309-349.

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