FTC Advertising Regulation: Survivor or Casualty of the Reagan Revolution?

Reprinted in 16(1) ADVERTISING LAW ANTHOLOGY 45 (1993).


American Business Law Journal




During the Reagan administration, a number of important changes were made to the Federal Trade Commission’s advertising enforcement program. In order to understand these changes both the express policy statements and the case law must be evaluated. This article provides such an analysis, focusing particularly on the case law from mid-1978, during President Carter’s term of office, through the middle of 1988. This ten year period illustrates the changes made under the Reagan regime. The Reagan administration approach is further contrasted with an overview of the FTC’s most recent year (June 1990-June 1991) under President Bush. To place the Reagan FTC in context, a prelude is necessary.


Commercial Law

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Petty, Ross D. 1992. "FTC Advertising Regulation: Survivor or Casualty of the Reagan Revolution?." American Business Law Journal 30, no. 1: 1.

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