Obesity and the Role of Food Marketing: A Policy Analysis of Issues and Remedies

(with Kathleen Seiders)
Winner of 2005 Thomas C. Kinnear – Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Best Paper Award
Extracted in Babson Magazine (Summer 2006), 20-23.


Journal of Public Policy & Marketing




The Centers for Disease Control has declared obesity a public health epidemic: More than 30% of U.S. adults are obese, and obesity now equals smoking as the leading preventable cause of disease and death. The authors explore policy issues associated with the accelerated growth of obesity in the U.S. population, particularly policy related to the debated influence of food marketing practices on obesity. The authors discuss possible market failures that influence consumer food choices and address the role of existing informational and regulatory policies in moderating the alleged threat of food marketing practices to public health. They consider various types of policy remedies that have been proposed as ways to reduce societal obesity costs, and they offer an agenda for further research to address knowledge gaps that represent barriers to effective public policy decisions.


Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Marketing | Public Health

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Seiders, Kathleen, and Ross D. Petty. 2004. "Obesity and the Role of Food Marketing: A Policy Analysis of Issues and Remedies." Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 23, no. 2: 153-169.

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