About the Babson Faculty Research Fund

The Babson Faculty Research Fund's five tenured faculty members are elected by the faculty at large. Once a year, the BFRF reviews proposals for research designed to result in publications from faculty members. Publication outlets are those customarily used by the American professional learned societies in the fields covered by the proposal.

Through a competitive process the BFRF allocates available resources (release time, stipends, and funds for research-related expenses) on the basis of its judgment as to which faculty proposals have the most promise of advancing the objectives set forth in the BFRF’s mission statement. See the BFRF website for a list of recent award recipients and a brief description of the projects. The BFRF does not normally support proposals for curriculum development, case writing or textbooks. However, to the extent that such activities demonstrate thought leadership and scholarly work and are designed to result in publications, exceptions may be made in special cases.

Award recipients are required to submit a Final Product paper. The papers were reviewed by the BFRF members and a majority must have accepted the paper before it was included in the Working Paper Series.

During the academic year, the BFRF sponsors programs to support its mission. The Research Chats feature faculty members who have completed research projects. The Chats offer a venue for faculty to share their research activities, serve as a forum for the exchange of research ideas, and, in general, promote research within the Babson community. Other programs feature speakers addressing research related topics and other topics of interest to the Babson community, and faculty members seeking feedback from their colleagues on current research projects.

The BFRF publishes a newsletter, RESEARCH@Babson College, and an Annual Report. The newsletters keep the Babson community informed about BFRF sponsored projects and initiatives, external funding and publishing opportunities, and the latest research accomplishments of faculty members. The Annual Reports summarize the BFRF awards, activities and accepted papers.