The Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF) Working Papers are the result of competitive research awards. A majority of the 5-member BFRF faculty committee must accept the paper before it is included in the Working Paper Series. Topics range from areas of business to the liberal arts and humanities.


Working Papers from 2013

Growth Ambition as a Function of Entrepreneurial Perceptions and Motivation, Abdul Ali and Donna Kelley

Competitive Advantage in Family Business Governance: The Role of Relational Contracting, Matt Allen


Shifts in leaf area, density and chemistry of tree seedlings in response to experimental climate change treatments, Vikki Rodgers, Susanne Hoeppner, and Jeffrey Dukes

Sympathy, Impartiality, and Vanity: Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments in Business Education, Rosa Slegers

Working Papers from 2012

Control and Creativity in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: formal vs. informal controls in two comparative case studies, Cristiano Busco and Elena Giovannoni

Pink Pills for Pale People: A Snapshot of Entrepreneurship, Patent Medicine, and Finance in 1905, Ryan J. Davies

American Jews and the Struggle Over Apartheid -- Chapters 1 and 2, Marjorie N. Feld

“Jewish Women’s Leadership In the Anti-Apartheid Movement,” chapter in American Jews and the Struggle Over Apartheid, Marjorie N. Feld

The Epistemology of Entrepreneurial Orientation: Conceptual Formation, Modeling and Operationalization, Bradley George and Louis Marino

Organizational Interventions and Women’s Leadership, Mary Godwyn and Nan S. Langowitz

Trends and Gaps in the Use of Case-Based Research in Information Systems and Technology Research, Steven Gordon, G. Shankaranarayanan, and Roger Blake

The Geographical and Cultural Context for the Rise of Charismatic Masters and Devoted Disciples, Kandice Hauf

Small Negative Earnings Surprises and Transient Institutions' Trading Behavior, Gang Hu, Bin Ke, and Yong Yu

Early Career Outcomes: Does Gender Make a Difference?, Nan Langowitz, I. Elaine Allen, and Mary Godwyn

Recent Developments in Costa Rican Gay Rights Laws, Toni Lester

The “Organi-vore’s” Dilemma: A Comparative Analysis of Organic Food Advertising in China and the U.S., Xinghua Li

Corporate Entrepreneurship, Marketing-R&D Integration and Market performance: A Japanese Study, Ken Matsuno, Zhen Zhu, and Mark P. Rice

Monetary Policy Under Alternative Interest-Rate Rules, Azcona Nestor

Sreangscéalta Beaga Báiteacha ón Domhan/ Smale Pale Telegrams from the World , Mary O’Donoghue

The Role of External Networks in the Innovation Process, Salvatore Parise, Peter Gray, and Bala Iyer

Predicting the Diffusion of Social Media Technologies in Organization, Salvatore Parise, Patricia J. Guinan, James Wilson, and Bruce Weinberg

"Narratives of Disappearance and Recovery in Rosa Montero's Historias de mujeres and La loca de la casa" and "Speculative Truths and Derivative Fictions in Juan José Millás Dos Mujeres en Praga", Virginia Rademacher

“Spectators and Mythmakers: Brokering the Image in Lucía Etxebarria’s Una historia de amor como otra cualquiera (A Story of Love Like Any Other, 2003) and Courtney y yo (Courtney and I, 2004)” and “Playing for Real: Published Identities in Laura Freixas’ Amor o lo que sea (Love or Whatever It Is, 2005)”, Virginia Rademacher

The True Grit of Innovators: Pixar’s Perilous Innovation Journey, Jay Rao

Proximities to Death: Freud’s Dream of the Double, Brian Seitz

Investigating the Role of Non-Transactional Data in Business Enterprises: Implications for Data Quality, Governance and Enterprise Architecture, G. Shankar, Bala Iyer, and Donna Stoddard

The Rich Get Richer…and so Can You, Joel Shulman and Eric Noyes

A Pragmatist Approach to Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Regret, Rosa Slegers

Creating a typology for Meroitic Offering tables as a tool for dating/establishing Meroitic Chronology, Janice W. Yellin

Working Papers from 2011

Two book chapters for Making Space Tell Time: Race, Colonialism, and Collective Memory in the United States, Kevin Bruyneel

“Intraday Portfolio Return Autocorrelation Dynamics”, Ryan Davies and Dan Bernhardt

Bad Pennies and Dead Presidents: Money in American Drama 1935-2001, Jon Dietrick

Operational Hedging Strategies to Overcome Financial Constraints for Clean Technology Startups, S. Sinan Erzurumlu, Nitin Joglekar, and Fehmi Tanrisever

Will Universal Health Insurance Enhance Entrepreneurial Activity?, Yunwei Gai and Maria Minniti

"Accorded a Place in the Design": Torture in Post-Apartheid Cinema, Elizabeth Goldberg

American Literary Cultures: From Ethics to Rights to Justice, Elizabeth Goldberg and James Dawes

Old Questions in New Boxes: Mia Kirschner’s I Live Here and the Problematics of Transnational Witnessing, Elizabeth Goldberg and Alesandra Schultheis

Corporate Bond Initial Public Offerings: Liquidity, Price Dispersion, Spreads, and Dealer Inventory”, Michael Goldstein and Edith Hotchkiss

Disciples: Followers of Charismatic Masters, Kandice Hauf

OLIVE: A Simple Method for Estimating Betas When Factors Are Measured with Error, Gang Hu, Ginger Meng, and Jushan Bai

Growth Aspirations as a Function of Entrepreneurial Motivations and Perceptions, Donna Kelley, Abdul Ali, and Shaker Zahra

The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders Who Will Shape Social and Economic Opportunity, Kathleen McKone-Sweet, Danna Greenberg, and James Wilson

Capacity Utilization in Indian Manufacturing: A Non-Parametric Analysis of State Level Data, Kankana Mukherjee

In October: Twelve Chapters of a Novel, Mary O’Donoghue

Branding Law and the Internet, Ross Petty

Capital Rising: How Capital Flows Are Changing Business Systems All Over the World, Srinivasa Rangan and Peter S. Cohan

Herbaceous plant shifts in photosynthesis and transpiration rates in response to experimentally altered climate regimes in an old-field of New England, Vikki Rodgers, Mike Daley, Suzanne Hoeppner, and Jeff Dukes

A Meta-Analytic Review of Regulatory Fit Effects, Anne Roggeveen, Dhruv Grewal, and Nancy Upton

The Uncanny Double: Dostoevsky, Brian Seitz

Investing in Troubled Times: Bet on Entrepreneurs, Joel Shulman

Uncanny Ethics: Moral Implications of Contemporary "Unheimlichkeit”, Rosa Slegers

Irreversible k-threshold and majority conversion processes on complete multipartite graphs and graph products, Denise Troxell, S. S. Adams, Z. Brass, and C. Stokes

Far Away or So Close: The Influence of Counterfeits on Genuine Brand Preference, Keith Wilcox, Sankar Sen, and Juliano Laran

Book Sections [for Necropolises of Kush II.1, 2: Meroe. The Western Royal Cemetery.], Janice Yellin

Working Papers from 2010

“New Money” and the Circulating Black Body in August Wilson’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, Jon Dietrick


Sustaining Innovation in the Global Corporation: The Role of Managers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders, Philip Dover and Udo Dierk


Production, Process Investment and the Survival of Debt Financed Startup Firms, S. Sinan Erzurumlu, Fehmi Tanrisever, and Nitin Joglekar


American Jews and the Struggle Over Apartheid, Marjorie Feld


Minority Business Start-Up, Survival and Financing in the U.S., Yunwei Gai and Maria Minniti

Measuring Strategic Decision Comprehensiveness: A Scale Development and Validation Study, Bradley George and Jeffrey G. Covin

Plotting the Human: Unsettling the Manichean Allegory in Caryl Phillips’ Cambridge and A Distant Shore, Elizabeth Goldberg

Liquidity and the Pricing of Corporate Bond Issues, Michael Goldstein, Edith Hotchkiss, and David Pedersen

Use of Emerging Information Technologies to Increase Innovator Productivity, Steven Gordon and Monideepa Tarafdar

What to expect when she’s expecting: Work-life and identity integration challenges and opportunities of “soon-to-be” working professional mothers, Danna Greenberg, Jamie J. Ladge, and Judith A. Clair


Reversion of RNOA and its Components, Robert Halsey

Do Stock Splits Increase Information Production? Evidence from Institutional Trading, Gang Hu, Thomas J. Chemmanur, and Jiekun Huang

Trading by Crossing, Gang Hu, Jennifer Conrad, and Sunil Wahal


Analysis of putative DNA barcodes for identification and distinction of native and invasive plant species, Shari Laprise and Vikki Rodgers


The Role of Complementary Resources in the Development of E-supply Chains and the Firm’s Performance: An Exploratory Analysis of Secondary Data, Yoo-Taek Lee, Kathleen E. McKone-Sweet, and Sung-Yong Ryu


Music to Our Ears: New Market Creation and Creative Influences in the Popular Music Industry, Erik Noyes, Sal Parise, and I. Elaine Allen

The Strange Arrangement of Dreams, Mary O’Donoghue

Upper Rooms, Mary O’Donoghue

Two Chapters of Simulation and Optimization Modeling in Finance, Dessislava Pachamanova and Frank J. Fabozzi

Brand Protection at Coca-Cola --It’s the Real Thing, Ross Petty

“Brandwidth” Gone Wild: Restoring a More Competitive Balance to Trademark Law for the Benefit of Consumers, Ross Petty

Is Marketing Ever Too “Pushy?” A Comparison of US and EU Approaches to Consumer Unfairness, Ross Petty

Super Hero®, Ross Petty


Tallgrass Prairie: A Work in Process, Mary Pinard

How the Order of Sampled Experiential Products Affects Choice, Anne Roggeveen, Dipayan Biswas, and Dhruv Grewal

How Far Will You Travel to Save Money? The Moderating Effects of Product, Anne Roggeveen, Howard Marmorstein, Praveen Kopalle, and Dhruv Grewal

Advertising a Firm’s Emotions: Appraisal Theory and Messages of Corporate Social Responsibility, Anne Roggeveen and Anirban Mukhopadhyay


Philosophy and the Double, Brian Seitz

Labeling matched sums with a condition at distance two, Denise Sakai Troxell and Sarah Spence Adams

Working Papers from 2009

Intermodern Travel: J.B. Priestley’s English and American Journeys in Intermodernism: Literary Culture in Interwar and Wartime Britain, Lisa Colletta

The Institutions and Unfulfilled Vision of the Sami, Stephen Deets

Impressions of Ebru, Lisa DiCarlo

Blood Money and Bad Pennies: Monstrous Money in Sidney Kingsley’s Dead End, Jon Dietrick

Can Empirical Demand Models Assist in CON Comparative Reviews? A Case Study in Florida, Yunwei Gai and Gary M. Fournier

Intimations of What Was to Come: Edwidge Danticat’s The Farming of Bones and the Indivisibility of Human Rights, Elizabeth Goldberg

Of Manifestos and Manifesting: Theorizing and Teaching Literature and Human Rights, Elizabeth Goldberg

Purchasing IPOs with commissions: Theoretical predictions and empirical results, Michael Goldstein, Paul Irvine, and W. Andrew Puckett

Does Policy Matter? Organizational Context and Flexible Work Arrangement Negotiations, Danna Greenberg and Elaine M. Landry

Designing Fair Allocations for Carrier Alliances, Lori Houghtalen, Ozlem Ergun, and Joel Sokol

The Market for Shareholder-Voting Rights Around Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from Institutional Daily Trading and Voting, Gang Hu, Jennifer E. Bethel, and Qinghai Wang

The Role of Technology-Mediated Networks in Knowledge Management, Bala Iyer and Salvatore Parise

Growth Aspirations as a Function of Entrepreneurial Motivations and Perceptions, Donna Kelley

Introduction to Top of the World: The American Success Myth in Film, Julie Levinson

Implementing a Lean Enterprise Approach to Achieve Business Excellence, Dennis Mathaisel and Clare L. Comm

Project Culture: The Popular Arts of Public Housing Projects, Jeffrey Melnick

Aesthetic Reflection: Hegel, Art and the Citizen's Disposition, Lydia Moland