The Uncanny Double: Dostoevsky


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Seitz, Brian. 2011-2012. "Precisely Not Me: The Double in Dostoevsky." The Dostoevsky Journal: An Independent Review 12-13 : 59-80.

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In many of his novels and short stories, Dostoevsky deploys and experiments with the motif of the double, which contributes a powerful and determinative force to the dynamics of the story. Typically, the double is embodied and plays out in sets of linked characters, although he sometimes introduces doubles of other sorts, as well. Frequently, characters are paired in uncanny ways and serve as surrogates for or as different versions or extensions of each other, extensions often tinged with destruction. To varying degrees of depth, I track the ontological iconography (stills) and choreography (ballet) of the double in four pieces of Dostoevsky’s fiction, The Double, Crime and Punishment, Notes from Underground, and Dream of Ridiculous Man.

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