Corporate Entrepreneurship, Marketing-R&D Integration and Market performance: A Japanese Study


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The authors investigate the structural relationships among entrepreneurial proclivity, marketing-R&D integration, and R&D strength in achieving three critical performance criteria for organizations: customer equity, business growth, and financial return. Based on the analysis of data collected from SBUs of large Japanese manufacturers, the authors find nuanced effects of organization’s entrepreneurial proclivity on the critical organizational process, resource, and business performance. Specifically the study shows that: 1) entrepreneurial proclivity directly and positively influences both marketing-R&D integration and R&D strength; 2) entrepreneurial proclivity’s effect on business growth and financial return is positive and mediated by customer equity; 3) marketing-R&D integration has a moderating effect on the positive impact of R&D strength on customer equity; and 4) customer equity is a strong driver of business growth and financial return. Implications to growth through customer equity and new product development in the context of corporate entrepreneurship are discussed.

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