Investigating the Role of Non-Transactional Data in Business Enterprises: Implications for Data Quality, Governance and Enterprise Architecture


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Data is an organizational asset and it is critical that organizations manage the quality of their data resources. The primary source of organizational data has been business transactions. In the recent past, data generated by social media technologies have become part of organizational data. This data is being used for marketing, product innovation and customer support. In this paper, we present the observations from our preliminary study into examining the quality of social media data and the impact of social media data on the quality of transactional data. Specifically, we look at the traditional dimensions of data quality and examine their applicability to social media data. We believe this is a first step towards gaining a better understanding of how to evaluate the quality of social media data. It also offers insights into the use of social media data for improving the quality of transactional data.

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Management Information Systems | Technology and Innovation

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