Book Sections [for Necropolises of Kush II.1, 2: Meroe. The Western Royal Cemetery.]


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Final product consists of 42 multi-part, individual tomb entries for each burial in the Western Royal Cemetery (650 BC – AD 350) with a decorated chapel and/or decorated funerary object (B.IV, VI, VII); a section for summary chapter on chronology (C.V.2), & creation of appendices of archival materials (D.III, E.I).This is the core of the catalogue section of the publication (Ch. B) as well as predominantly unpublished appendices of archival documents and drawing (D.III, E.) presenting all known information for tombs in the Western Cemetery. This information is the basis for investigations into religion, social organization, and chronology of the entire history of Meroe. These will be published in Necropolises of Kush II.1, 2: Meroe. The Western Royal Cemetery.

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