Of Manifestos and Manifesting: Theorizing and Teaching Literature and Human Rights


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“Of Manifestos and Manifesting” explores interdisciplinary work in literature and human rights, with the specific goal of making visible the theoretical implications of a human rights oriented approach to literary study and pedagogy. This approach to literature has garnered serious attention in the past few years as evidenced by conference gatherings, scholarly production, and course offerings, and it is time that scholars and practitioners begin to theorize what it is we are doing; how and why it matters in the current moment in pedagogical, scholarly, and real-world contexts; as well as the potential pitfalls, challenges, and rewards of this disciplinary marriage. The essay pays particular attention to the seeming inconsistency between postmodernism, which has dominated literary studies for the past three decades, and human rights, conceived as a modernist discourse, and argues for the productive exchange made possible by these theoretical tensions.


Arts and Humanities

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