Measuring Strategic Decision Comprehensiveness: A Scale Development and Validation Study


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Given the importance of strategic decisions and the emphasis that is often placed on analysis, it is important to understand the conditions under which decision comprehensiveness is beneficial. Due to the inconsistency in past research results, a number of researchers have examined potential moderating factors between comprehensiveness and consequent constructs. However, the measurement of decision comprehensiveness has largely been ignored as a potential contributor to conflicting results. While researchers generally accept that the decision process has multiple phases, comprehensiveness has been typically been measured as a unidimensional construct. This paper describes the development and validation of scales for each of the phases of the strategic decision process. The resulting scales show good psychometric properties as well as provide evidence in support of treating comprehensiveness as a multi-dimensional construct in future research, which will hopefully provide insight into the reasons for discrepancies in past research as well as provide managers with a better understanding of where to best allocate their resources in the decision process to achieve their desired results.


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

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