Old Questions in New Boxes: Mia Kirschner’s I Live Here and the Problematics of Transnational Witnessing


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Goldberg, E. S., & Schultheis Moore, A. (2011). Old questions in New Boxes: Mia Kirshner's I LIVE HERE and the Problematics of Transnational Witnessing. Humanity, 2(2)

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“Old Questions in New Boxes” is situated within theoretical frameworks of transnational witness literature and offers a case study of the multi-media project I Live Here (Pantheon 2008), “produced” by actor Mia Kirschner and graphic designers J.B. MacKinnon, Paul Shoebridge, and Michael Simons, in order to discuss some aspects of genre, authorship, and transnational feminism in the context of contemporary literature that purports to bear witness to human rights violations. The essay outlines problems and possibilities raised by the text’s generic indeterminacy, focusing on the potential for and limits to transnational feminist witnessing of human rights violations in the context of global capitalism. It considers the use of first person narration in this multi-authored text to provide meta-narrative commentary on gender as a bridge between “first” and “third” world experience, and provides a comparative perspective on the literary and multi-media works produced by the authors and artists represented in I Live Here, considering their own work in comparison with their contributions to this project.

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