The Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF) Working Papers are the result of competitive research awards. A majority of the 5-member BFRF faculty committee must accept the paper before it is included in the Working Paper Series. Topics range from areas of business to the liberal arts and humanities.


Working Papers from 2009

Skelper: Four Chapters of a Novel, Mary O'Donoghue

Song Net for an Estuary, Mary Pinard

Economies of Scale or Agency Concerns? Evidence from Side-By-Side Managed Mutual Funds, Mark Potter, Richard T. Bliss, and Christopher Schwarz

The "Co-Creation Effect": The Impact of Using Co-Creation as a Service Recovery Strategy, Anne Roggeveen, Michael Tsiros, and Dhruv Grewal

Dasein Lost in Iroquoia, Brian Seitz

A Typology of Social Entrepreneurs: Motives, search Processes and Ethical Challenges, Joel Shulman, Shaker A. Zahra, Eric Gedajlovic, and Donald O. Neubaum

On Island Sequences of Labelings with a Condition at Distance Two, Denise Sakai Troxell, Sarah Spence Adams, Alex Trazkovich, and Bradford Westgate

Atlas of Ancient Nubia entries, Janice Yellin

Working Papers from 2008

The Leadership Profile of Established Women Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts: 2000-2006, I. Elaine Allen

Hierarchy and Hybridity: The Silent Role of Colonialism in Shaping the American Racial Order, Kevin Bruyneel

Book chapter: Forest Lawn, Hollywood, and America, Lisa Colletta

Book chapters, Voluntary Exiles: British Novelists in Hollywood, 1935-65, Lisa Colletta

Funds of Hedge Funds Portfolio Selection, Ryan Davies

May CPAs Use Exculpatory Clauses in their Letters of Engagement?, Craig Ehrlich

Cross-Currents/Emerging Paradigms, Elizabeth Goldberg

The Role of Information Technology in Supporting Business Innovation, Steven R. Gordon

Sponsor or Supervisor? The Impact of Innovation Project Uncertainty on the Direct Managerial Role, Donna J. Kelley

The Role of Technology Resources and Internationalization in SME, Donna J. Kelley

The Leadership Profile of Established Women Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts: 2000-2006, Nan S. Langowitz

Investigation of the Role of RASSF1A in the Cell Death Response in Cancer Models, Shari Laprise

Aquitania: a Poetry Collection, Mary O'Donoghue

Generalized Deviation Portfolio Allocation: Relation to Utility Theory and Empirical Evidence, Dessislava Pachamanova

Initial Interest Confusion: A Consumer Protection Perspective, Ross Petty

How Does the Presence of a Guarantee Cue Impact Evaluations of a Retailer?: It Depends on Cue Typicality and the Reputation Cue’s Valence, Anne Roggeveen

On the Hole Index of L(2,1)-Labelings of r-Regular Graphs, Denise Sakai Troxell, Sarah Spence Adams, Matthew Tesch, Bradford Westgate, and Cody Wheeland

Working Papers from 2007

A Comprehensive Look at Online Education in United States, I. Elaine Allen

Political Satire and Postmodern Irony in the Age of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Lisa Colletta

Using Matched Samples to Test for Differences in Trade Execution Costs, Ryan Davies and San Soo Kim

Losing Our Religion: Turkey’s New Christians, Lisa DiCarlo

Lillian Wald: A Biography, Marjorie Feld

Costly Arbitrage and Idiosyncratic Risk: Evidence from Short Sellers, Gang Hu, Ying Duan, and R. David McLean

Tape Painting: Evidence from Daily Trades by Institutional Investors, Gang Hu, R. David McLean, and Erik Sirri

Network Disequilibrium in the Post Deregulation U.S. Airline Industry: an Argument for Re-regulation?, Sayed A. Hussain

Success Reassessed: Ambitious Women/Midlife Men, Julie Levinson

A Taxonomy of Supply Chain Capability, Kathleen McKone-Sweet and Yoo-Taek Lee

Not Their Muse: Irish-Language Poetry in Translation, Cross-Gender Linguistic Ventriloquism, and the Problem of Pharaoh’s Daughter, Mary O'Donoghue

Small Home Truths: Stories and a Novella, Mary O'Donoghue

Robust Portfolio Optimization and Management (3 chapters), Dessislava Pachamanova, Frank Fabozzi, Sergio Focardi, and Petter Kolm

The Mutual Fund Scandal and Investor Response, Mark Potter

Changing False Beliefs from Repeated Advertising: The Role of Claim-Refutation Alignment, Anne Roggeveen and Gita Venkataramani Johar

The minimum span of L(2,1)-Labelings of Certain Generalized Petersen Graphs, Denise Sakai Troxell, Sarah Spence Adams, Jonathan Cass, Matthew Tesch, and Cody Wheeland

Status Markers on Meroitic Offering Tables from Karanoq and Faras, Janice Yellin

A Three-Stage View of Perceived Control in Technology-Based Self-Services Recovery, Zhen Zhu, Cheryl Nakata, K. Sivakumar, and Dhruv Grewal