The BoR is the predecessor of the Babson Faculty Research Fund; its mandate was to encourage and support a variety of research activities. The Board of Research Working Papers are the result of competitive research awards. Final Product Papers were reviewed by the BoR ten-member faculty committee representative of each academic division. A majority must have accepted the paper before it was included in the Working Paper Series. Topics range from areas of business to the liberal arts and humanities.


Working Papers from 2006

Politics on the Boundaries: U.S - Indigenous Relations and the Third Space of Sovereignty, Kevin Bruyneel

Portfolio Cross-Autocorrelation Puzzles, Ryan Davies

Lillian Wald: Ethnic Progressive, Marjorie Feld

Unorthodox Jews? Contemporary Expressions of Jewish Identity and Community, Marjorie Feld

Women's Business Center: Strategies to Educate Low-Income Women Entrepreneurs, Mary Godwyn

A Study on Money Demand - Does the Buffer Stock Behavior Exist?, Hsiang-Ling Han

In the Information Technology Sector, Kathleen Hevert

A Grounded Theory Study of Internal Developmental Coaches, James Hunt

The Costs of Issuing Common Equity: Information Asymmetry and Registration Choice, Laurie Krigman

The U.S. Constitution and the Future of Gay Marriage, Toni Lester

Status Reproduction: The Accumulation and Transfer of Cultural Capital in the Household-Retailing Nexus, Joan Lindsey-Mullikin

Patriotism as Political Concern, Lydia Moland

Constructing Risk Measure from Uncertainty Sets: A Trackable Probabilistic Approach to Value-At-Risk Optimization, Dessislava Pachamanova

When Identity Slipped off the Body: The Emergence of the U.S. Passport as a Visual Technology, Craig Robertson

What Type of Retailer Should Offer a Price Matching Guarantee?: It Depends on the Fit Between the Retailer's Reputational Strategy and the PMG Pricing Tactic, Anne Roggeveen

Working Papers from 2005

The Story of a Hybrid Rebel: Louis Riel's Challenge to the Young Canadian State, Kevin Bruyneel

Kathleen and Christopher: Christopher Isherwood's Letters to His Mother, Lisa Colletta

Hell Hath No Fury Like an Online Customer Scorned, Katherine Harris

Contention, Context and the Constitution: Riding the Waves of Affirmative Action, Toni Lester

Best Sustainment Practices Case Studies: Lockheed Martin and Rockwell Collins, Dennis Mathaisel

The Ethics of Patriotism: Hegel and the Sentiment of the Citizen, Lydia Moland

Negative Services: Opportunities in Fragmented Industries, Ivor Morgan and Jay Rao

Societal Regulation of the Marketing Function: Does the Patchwork Create a Quilt?, Ross Petty

Contemporary Muslim Women's Autobiographies: Situating the Self, Katherine Platt

Inside Alliances: Corporate Mechanisms for Learning and Protection, Miguel Rivera

Introduction: Communication as Carey, Craig Robertson

How Alignment between a Refutation and a Claim Impacts Belief, Anne Roggeveen

How Compensating Customers After a Service Failure Affects Repurchase Intentions: The Moderating Effect of Responsibility, Stability, and Severity of the Failure, Anne Roggeveen

Multilateral Institutions and Market-orientated Reform: Have They Changed the Nature of MNC-Government Relations?, Carlos Rufin

Global Education and Global Citizenship: Widening the Scope of Civic Education, Hans Sachattle

L(2,1)-labelings of Cartesian Products of Two Cycles, Denise Troxell and Christopher Schwarz