Unorthodox Jews? Contemporary Expressions of Jewish Identity and Community


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In the last decade, American Jews have divided over what constitutes authentic expressions of Jewish identity, provoking high-stakes debates in academic and popular settings. Unorthodox Jews brings together analytical and autobiographical essays by those people who express their Jewish identities in a diversity of ways, religious and secular: through scholarship, activism, art and philanthropy. The introduction, co-authored by Tobin Belzer and Marjorie Feld, will introduce the terms and stakes of this debate. My own essay, one contribution out of a total of twelve, will focus on my oath from close affiliation with the organized American Jewish community today, when my Jewish identity is linked to my scholarship and activism. I will map my personal expression of Jewishness onto the larger academic debated over what Jewish identity means in the twenty-first century landscape of identity politics.


Arts and Humanities | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Religion

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