Submissions from 2009

A Gender-Aware Framework for Women's Entrepreneurship, Candida G. Brush

Diana a Symbol of Women Entrepreneurs’ Hunt for Knowledge, Money and the Rewards of Entrepreneurship, Candida G. Brush

Touched by an Angel? Entrepreneurs Seeking to Obtain Private Equity Financing, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 2008

Properties of Emerging Organizations: An Empirical Test, Candida C. Brush

Entrepreneurship Education: Correspondence Between Practices of Nascent Entrepreneurs and Textbook Prescriptions for Success, Candida G. Brush

Separated by a Common Language: Entrepreneurship Research Across the Atlantic, Candida G. Brush

The Effect of Initial Location Choice on Resource Assembly and First Sale in Nascent Firms, Candida G. Brush

What do Women Entrepreneurs Want, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 2007

Building Ventures through Civic Capitalism, Candida G. Brush

Civic Capitalism: Entrepreneurs, their Ventures and Communities, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 2006

The Use of Bootstrapping by Women Entrepreneurs in Positioning for Growth, Candida G. Brush and Patricia G. Greene

Submissions from 2005

Co-alignment in the Resource-Performance Relationship: Strategy as a Mediator, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 2004

Putting your Best Foot Forward? Assessments of Entrepreneurial Social Competence from Two Perspectives, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 2003

Task Force Report on Doctoral Education in Entrepreneurship, Candida G. Brush

Women Entrepreneurs who Break Through to Equity Financing: The Influence of Human, Social and Financial Capital, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 2002

A Gendered Perspective on Organizational Creation, Candida G. Brush

Internationalization of Small Companies: Personal Factors Revisited, Candida G. Brush

The Impact of Human and Organizational Resources on Small Firm Strategies, Candida G. Brush

The Role of Social Capital and Gender in Linking Financial Suppliers and Entrepreneurial Firms: A Framework for Future Research, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 2001

Exploration of the Venture Capital Industry: Is Gender an Issue?, Candida G. Brush

How do "Resource Bundles" Develop and Change in New Ventures? A Dynamic Model and Longitudinal Exploration, Candida G. Brush

From Initial Idea to Unique Advantage: The Entrepreneurial Challenge of Constructing a Resource Base, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 1999

Businesses without Glamour? An Analysis of Resources on Performance by Size and Age in Small Retail and Service Firms, Candida G. Brush

The Corporate Venture Champion: A Resource Based Approach to Role and Processes, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 1997

Israeli women entrepreneurs: An examination of factors affecting performance, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 1996

Market Information Scanning Activities and New Venture Success: A Comparison of New Service and Manufacturing Companies, Candida G. Brush

Patterns of Participation of Women in Franchising, Candida G. Brush

Cooperative Strategies in Non-High Tech New Ventures: An Exploratory Study, Candida G. Brush

Planning in Ambiguous Contexts: The Dilemma of Meeting Needs for Commitment and Demands for Legitimacy, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 1992

A Comparison of Methods and Sources for Obtaining Estimates of New Venture Performance, Candida G. Brush

Market Place Information Scanning Practices of New Manufacturing Ventures, Candida G. Brush

Research on Women Business Owners: Past Trends, Future Directions, and a New Perspective, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 1991

Antecedent Influences on Women-Owned Businesses, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 1989

Achieving Progress in an Undefined Field, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 1986

Characteristics of the Minority Entrepreneur, Candida G. Brush

Submissions from 1984

The Woman Entrepreneur: Management Skills and Business Problems, Candida G. Brush