Antecedent Influences on Women-Owned Businesses

(with Robert D. Hisrich)


Journal of Managerial Psychology




In a study, the possible linkages between antecedent influences and survival or growth of women-owned enterprises were examined in an attempt to determine key factors important to venture survival and growth. The growth of 191 women-owned enterprises was analyzed over a 6-year period. Antecedent influences include: 1. personal background, 2. educational and occupational experiences, 3. motivations, 4. skills, and 5. knowledge. The findings of the study indicated that the antecedent influences of the woman entrepreneur do in fact affect business survival and growth. For the woman entrepreneur establishing a venture, previous experience in the field of the venture, financial skills, strength in dealing with people, and idea generation, combined with market opportunity motivation, are important keys to survival. The fact that antecedent influences have an impact on the success and growth of women-owned enterprises supports other findings, suggesting that the key skills needed in expanding a venture may not be gender-based.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Finance and Financial Management | Growth and Development | Human Resources Management

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Hisrich, Robert D. and Candida G. Brush. 1991. "Antecedent Influences on Women-Owned Businesses." Journal of Managerial Psychology 6, no. 2: 9-16

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