Israeli women entrepreneurs: An examination of factors affecting performance

(with Miri Lerner and Robert Hisrich)


Journal of Business Venturing




This article examines individual factors influencing performance of 200 Israeli women-owned businesses. Whereas research on women entrepreneurs is extensive in developed countries, especially in the United States and Europe, there are comparatively few studies of performance of women-owned businesses in non-OECD countries. There is evidence that social structures (work, family, and organized social life) vary among developed and developing countries as these relate to women entrepreneurs. However, these differences have not been considered as they may relate to theories explaining performance of women-owned businesses. The extent to which existing theories are useful in the context of non-OECD countries is of increasing importance as women in these countries are assuming a greater role in enterprise creation and economic development as a result of radical geopolitical and economic policy changes worldwide.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | International Business

Recommended Citation

Lerner, Miri, Candida G. Brush, and Robert D. Hisrich. 1997. “Israeli women entrepreneurs: An examination of factors affecting performance.” Journal of Business Venturing 12, no. 4: 315-334

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