Cooperative Strategies in Non-High Tech New Ventures: An Exploratory Study

(with Radha Chaganti)


Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice


Cooperative strategies are of growing interest in small and new companies. Current research focuses on high tech companies with less known about cooperative activities in non-high tech businesses. This research employs quantitative methods to assess usage and characteristics of cooperative strategies in non-high tech businesses, then uses a qualitative method, comparative case analyses, to examine dimensions of cooperative strategies in three non-high tech and three high tech companies. All six cases exhibited a condition of constrained resources, and had cooperative arrangements with competitors. Differences between non-high tech and high tech businesses were reflected in goals and approaches to cooperative strategies.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

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Brush, Candida G., and Radha Chaganti. 1996. "Cooperative Strategies in Non-High Tech New Ventures: An Exploratory Study.” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 21, no. 2: 37-54.

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