Much controversy surrounds the issue of creating innovative and entrepreneurial regions. Can governments via economic development agencies “import” Silicon Valley – or South San Francisco, Cambridge, or San Diego for that matter? The Porterian ideal of creating a cluster for biotechnology has been embraced by many regions including Florida. Etzkowitz discusses the rise of the entrepreneurial university, and the role of the triple helix of government-university-industry interactions in fostering innovation and the creation of new ventures. Biotech innovation has been examined by others such as Cooke, who call for the re-examination of cluster theory.

Massive taxpayer dollars are being spent on a dream in the State of Florida. Governmental communications related the hope of Scripps to entrepreneurial legends such as Henry Flagler’s Railroad and Walt Disney’s Parks. Promises include the creation of (high paying) jobs, overall improvement of education, further diversity of the economic base, and most relevant to this paper, creation and growth of new ventures and thus an enhanced culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Florida. This study will explore TSRI’s expansion into Florida, and especially how and why this power deal happened.