The entrepreneurial venture involves a learning process which is often neglected and still under studied. Furthermore, we know little about the early phases of the creation of a new venture. Several researches showed that incubators help to identify market and venture capitalists, provide legal advice, offer financial, technical and administrative support, help the start-up team plug into a network, etc (Mansfield and lee, 1996, Hansen and al. 2000, Franflin and al. 2001, Bollingtoft and Ulhoi 2005, Phan and al. 2005). However, the incubators role in the learning process associated to the entrepreneurial one is less explored. We focused on entrepreneurial innovation where learning takes place in adverse conditions: new technologies not fully developed, necessity of wide range of contributions and knowledge, etc. We adopted a framework based on researches in organizational learning (Cyert and March 1963, Argyris and Schön 1996, Nonaka 1994) that distinguishes the behavioural learning from the cognitive or the action one (Lichtenstein and al. 2003).