Prior research has examined the antecedents of innovation in order to understand how organizations may better foster innovation. Much of this research has focused on the relationship between organizational culture and innovativeness (Detert, 2000; Gerlach, 2003), and has generally argued that supportive cultures are positively related to innovation (Chandler, Keller, & Lyon, 2000). However, while the intuitive direct implications of culture on innovation have long been a subject of interest in prior research (Chandler, Keller, & Lyon, 2000), some major questions regarding the implications of this relationship remain unexplored. Specifically, does an innovation-supportive organizational culture always lead to the desired innovation? Or, conversely is it possible that an innovative-supportive culture may perhaps even depress innovation? To examine these questions, this study sets out to test the nature of the relationship between innovation-supportive culture and innovation to determine if the best representation is linear or curvilinear. In this case, we test the possibility of a curvilinear relationship between innovation-supportive culture and innovation.