This paper reports on a longitudinal study of the start-up process of two music festivals in Norway to explore how initial resources emerge and develop in the case of new community ventures within rural communities. A community venture is defined as new activities likely to create economic, social, and/or environmental values for the local community. The resources necessary for launching a community venture are embedded at different levels within the rural community and the emerging activities may cut across the voluntary, business, and governmental sectors. Thus, the process of creating a resource-base is influenced by many different goals within the community.

A resource dependency perspective is used to capture the embedded nature of the resources necessary to build a resource-base. This approach views the environment as a pool of resources where organizations enter into transactional relationships with environmental factors as they cannot generate all resources internally. Thus, community entrepreneurs are highly dependent on the local community to gain access to resources and develop the community venture. The research question is: How does the entrepreneurial process of creating a resource-base for a community venture evolve?