Locus of control (LoC) is a central construct in entrepreneurship that continues to receive wide research attention (Rauch & Frese, 2007) because it may explain behavioral differences (Spector, 1982), like why some start new ventures. Despite the interest in LoC, reviews report inconsistent and conflicting results (e.g., Cooper & Gimeno-Gascon, 1992). This may be due to two issues. First, the use of different LoC scales or a priori selected items from Rotter’s (1966) or Paulhus’ (1983) scales may have caused mixed results. Second, LoC is “a broad construct intended to study behavior in a variety of situations” (Rotter, 1990: 491). In entrepreneurship, scales have been used to assess general LoC, despite calls for the use of context-specific LOC scales (Rotter, 1990; Shaver & Scott, 1991). Several context-specific scales have been developed (e.g., Hodgkinson, 1992; Spector, 1988). Nevertheless, no study has developed a context-specific LoC scale for entrepreneurship. Thus, the purpose of this study is to develop an entrepreneurial LoC scale.