Broad agreement in both strategy and entrepreneurship exists about the importance of networks (Hite & Hesterly, 2001). Networks play a central role in successful firm emergence and growth (e.g., Maurer& Ebers, 2006). Network ties offer access to resources, e.g., customer ties provide knowledge resources (Yli-Renko, Autio & Sapienza 2001) and strategic engineering of network ties can help a new venture to secure financial resources (Uzzi & Gillespie 1999). These are only a few examples of researcher who report on the benefits of networks, and the network and social capital metaphor has arisen to one of the prominent metaphors for studying new and entrepreneurial organizations. However there is less research on how entrepreneurial networks change over time. In our paper we report on a longitudinal case study focusing on the changes in ties and resources accessed by the entrepreneurs.