The relationship between personality traits and entrepreneurial behaviour is frequently and controversially addressed in entrepreneurship research (Rauch & Frese, 2007). Recent meta-analyses provide positive evidence for the predictive validity of personality traits in entrepreneurial behavior and suggest further analysis of contingencies that impact the strength of the relationship (Collins, Hanges, & Locke, 2004; Stewart & Roth, 2001, 2004; Zhao & Seibert, 2006; Rauch & Frese, 2007).

In this paper we explore performance related compositions of entrepreneurial team characteristics. We analyze deep level composition in terms of constellation of personality traits on an individual and team level. The purpose of the present study is twofold: Fist, we propose to provide an empirical study to substantiate the hypothesis that the members in a start-up team can be classified by a typology according to their entrepreneurial traits and team skills. Second, we plan to present results for finding an optimal combination of individual and team traits to increase venture performance.