Pyramiding Search is a network-related search process based upon the idea that people with a strong interest in a topic or field tend to know people more expert than themselves. By traversing an expertise network in a hierarchical way, von Hippel, Franke & Prügl (2009) showed empirically that the likelihood of identifying a “rare subject” efficiently is much higher compared to traditional search methods such as screening. Insights from different fields (e.g. lead user identification and CEO search) illustrate that Pyramiding Search seems to be a promising method to identify targets via network structures. Thus, this paper aims at understanding the current search strategies for cooperation partners and investment targets and provides first insights under which boundary conditions and in which combinations network-based search methods might contribute to a better target identification. The globally orientated industry structure, the high variance in company sizes, and the constant need of cooperation partners respectively investment targets turns the pharmaceutical industry into an appropriate research field.