Formal education in general does not encourage entrepreneurship (Peterman and Kennedy, 2003). Research on measuring the impact and performance of an entrepreneurship education programme is sparse and recent, and there is no consensus (Garavan and O´Cinneide, 1994). The influence of entrepreneurship education on attitudes, perceptions or entrepreneurial behaviour needs to be tested (Kantor, 1988; Donckles, 1991; Garavan and O´Cinneide, 1994; Krueger and Brazeal, 1994; McMullan et al., 2002; Gorman et al, 1997; Peterman and Kennedy, 2003)

We would like to address three issues. First, we seek to determine if, as literature states, formal education does not encourage entrepreneurship. To do so, we will develop a reliable and valid measurement tool and we will measure the change of entrepreneurial attitudes of students of Business Administration after their two last academic years at our university. Second, we would like to determine if their entrepreneurial intention increases or not. Third, and finally, we seek to develop a programme which, taking these results into consideration, could develop their entrepreneurial attitudes. We will also measure the results of the programme working with a control group. In answering these questions, we build on previous work which proved that entrepreneurial attitudes can change (Ibañez, 2002 and Krauss, 2008).