Scholars in the family business literature have recently introduced the concept of family embeddedness (Milton: 2008: 1065). Linking research on family embeddedness (Aldrich & Cliff, 2003; Milton, 2008; Le Breton Miller & Miller, 2009; Steier, Chua, & Chrisman, 2009) and PE fit (Kristof- Brown et al., 2005; Wheeler et al., 2005; 2007), we propose that family embeddedness may be conceptualized as a combination of person-organization (PO), person-group (PG), and personperson (PP) fit. We define family embeddedness as value congruence between family and family business, employee and family business and employee and family founder, and contrast it with person-job (PJ) fit or a match between a person and the job.