Self-employed parents can trigger the entrepreneurial intentions of their offspring through several mechanisms, e.g. genetics (Nicolaou & Shane, 2009), parenting styles (Aldrich & Kim, 2007), the transfer of financial and social capital (Sorenson, 2004), and because of socialization processes where they function as entrepreneurial role models (Matthews & Moser, 1996).

We provide a more detailed picture of how family members motivate children to become entrepreneurs by focusing on the additional influence that grandparents exert on the offspring’s entrepreneurial intentions. Grandparents can play an important role in the children’s socialization (Coall & Hertwig, 2010) because they share parts of the genetic pool with both parents and children, and the parenting practices of parents often resemble those of their own parents (Simons, et al., 1991). Further, we focus on cross-cultural variance in the transmission of entrepreneurial intentions within families due to differences in family structures and values.