Frontiers in Entrepreneurship Research published a total of 3395 articles and summaries of research in its proceedings volumes between 1981 and 2008. This research analyses the authors, topics and institutions included in FER and describes the inter-relationships between contributing scholars. This research contributes to the continuing discussions about the nature of entrepreneurship conducted by both entrepreneurship scholars and information scientists. Previous entrepreneurship research by Grégoire, Noël, Déry and Béchard, (2006) explored the conceptual convergence in the field. Other researchers (Reader & Watkins, 2006; Schildt, Zahra &, Sillanpaa, 2006; Zahra, 2005) have examined the social nature of entrepreneurship research, communities within entrepreneurship, and the relationship between entrepreneurship and other disciplines. This project expands on work by information science researchers explaining the growth of research specialties (Morris & Vander Veer Martens, 2008; Casillas & Acedo, 2007) and the intellectual structure of disciplines (Ramos-Rodriguez & Ruiz-Navarro, 2004).