Resource based theory (RBT) shows that entrepreneurs gain and sustain advantages through certain resources (Barney, 1991). Many entrepreneurs, however, not only lack any discernable resourcebased advantage (Alvarez & Barney, 2007) but are also physically distant from critical resources: suffering geographical disadvantage. We follow recent research in human capital bricolage (HCB), defined as “making do by applying combinations of the human resources at hand to new challenges” (Baker, Pollock & Sapienza, forthcoming) to explore overcoming regional disadvantages and generating resource-based advantages for specific firms. HCB may be a particularly important pathway to the resources core to RBT owing to novel combinations and networks of people that may produce socially complex resources. Moreover, because of the entrainment of previously disconnected actors (Garud & Karnoe, 2003) and embeddedness that bricolage often generates (Baker & Nelson, 2005), it may also aid in the construction of the social networks (Granovetter, 1985; Uzzi, 1997) and cultural dynamics (Saxenian, 1994) that often underlie regional advantage.