Anecdotal and empirical evidence consistently points to the importance of networking in the emergence of entrepreneurial ventures (Aldrich et al., 1987; Hoang & Antoncic, 2003; Kodithuwakku & Rosa, 2002). However, due to the difficulty in tracking entrepreneurial networking behaviors over time, it is still unclear how entrepreneurs can efficiently develop their networks to accommodate the growth of their businesses. To address these gaps in the literature, we conduct a longitudinal quantitative research project examining entrepreneurs’ online social networking behaviors and their success. In recent years, more and more professionals including many entrepreneurs are using these online social network websites to establish their business networks. Thus, online social network provides us with a great opportunity to observe entrepreneurs’ network in an objective manner and to track their behaviors on a timely basis. Also, we investigate the question in the context of business incubators as nascent entrepreneurs view the incubator as a nexus of resource networks and find significant value in the network surrounding the incubator.