Family matters when women decide to create their own business (Minniti, 2009; Boden 1999; Huq & Richardson, 1997; Shabbir & Di Gregorio, 1996). The role of the family is considered crucial because it can be a motivation or hindrance in the process of starting a new business as it is usually the mainstay of the women entrepreneur (Driga, Lafuente & Vaillant, 2005; Diaz, 2000).

If the motivations for starting a new business could be influenced by a family component, we may assume that the goals that women want to achieve with their company will also be related with family variables. Some studies have shown that women pursue different business objectives than men; these differences suggest that women pursue goals related to their person and the role they play in society (social and individual) rather than economics (Valencia et al., 2007; Minniti et al., 2005; Lamolla, 2005; Kyro, 2001; Du Rietz y Henrekson, 2000; Kamau et. al, 1999; Hisrich et. al, 1997; Lerner et al., 1997; Brush y Bird, 1996; Chaganti y Parasuraman, 1996).

While theoretical understanding of the family impact on new business creation has increased over the past two decades, empirical work is still insufficient. Our research wants to advance in the knowledge of how family affects the objectives that a women entrepreneur wants to achieve with her business. Therefore, we propose the general research question: how does the family affect the type of business goals pursued by women entrepreneurs?