We analyze similarities and differences in the speed and sequencing of key milestones in the venturing efforts of nascent intrapreneurs (NIs) who start a business for their employers, and independent nascent entrepreneurs (NEs). Although researchers seems to regard the sequence of activities constituting the start-up process as rather unstructured (Davidsson & Scott, 2010), we argue that a comparison between NIs and NEs might help explain some heterogeneity in the business start-up process research. Comparing NIs and NEs in terms of the speed and sequencing of their start-up efforts might also improve our ability to enhance corporate performance, especially as intrapreneurship has been shown to positively affect incumbent firm performance (Antoncic & Hisrich, 2001) and corporate renewal (Zahra & Covin, 1995). Our research reveals which venturing mode - NI or NE - allows for faster realization of new business ideas.