Past research has shown that entrepreneurial orientation, which is a central conceptualization of entrepreneurial management style, has a positive relationship with small business growth, (e.g. Wiklund et al., 2005; Wiklund, 1998; Zahra and Covin, 1995), that it may be particularly important in technology industries (e.g. Rauch et al., 2009) and in turbulent environments (e.g. Rauch et al., 2009). Similarly, the positive association between resource mobilization and performance has been verified in empirical research (Jarillo, 1989). While the global performance effects have been established, the literature lacks information on possible contingencies that affect the relationship between specific orientation and performance (Rauch et. al., 2009) or resource mobilization and performance. In this study a new moderating factor of a firm’s technological distinctiveness is considered and thereby new knowledge is created in the research area.