Entrepreneurial passion plays an important role in new venture formation and performance (Cardon, 2008; Cardon et. al. 2009). Passion evokes prolonged intense feelings toward venturerelated objects (Cardon, 2008). Although passion is recognized as one of the key entrepreneurs motivators (Shane, Locke and Collins, 2003), entrepreneurial passion has not been studied systematically especially in the field of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs are motivated by ‘social advocacy’ based on emotional motivation that reflects personal experiences and a desire to create social objectives based life experiences (Yitshaki and Kropp, 2011).

Research on motivating factors for social entrepreneurs is limited. We argue that social entrepreneurs’ passion and self-identity are highly interrelated. Social entrepreneurs identify new opportunities to remedy social injustice based on high social awareness, personal experience and their passion. Social entrepreneurs’ passion represents a deepening of emotional motivations to create salient collective action that is congruent with their self- and social identities.