Entrepreneurship research has found mixed results when considering the effects that entrepreneurs’ passion and attractiveness has on entrepreneurial pitching and the resource acquisition processes (Chen, 2009; Baron 2006). We suggest that one potential reason for these results is that prior proposals have been theoretically underspecified because they do not account for both attractiveness and passion in the same model. We rely on the affect infusion model (AIM) (Forgas 1995) and the unimodel of persuasion (Kruglanski & Thompson, 1999a, 1999b) to suggest that passion and attractiveness will have a positive effect on an entrepreneur’s ability to obtain resources, Further, we hypothesize that passion attenuates the positive relationship between attractiveness and the willingness of investors to commit resources to a venture. This study extends previous research by considering the unique main effects but more importantly the interactive effects of perceived passion and attractiveness on obtaining resources.