The past global financial crisis represented a strategic game changer for most organizations. Severe resource constraints and unpredictable market conditions created significant challenges for organizational survival based on innovation and venturing activities. This study adopts the perspective of corporate venturing (CV), which is defined as the creation of start-ups “from” and “for” an existing organization based on ideas proposed by employees. Therefore, CV is considered an important driver of competitive advantages and performance for existing organizations. Traditionally, corporate entrepreneurship literature considered the organizational environment as one of the key determinants of entrepreneurial activities within an organization. Empirically, the direct effects of certain characteristics of organizational environments and employees’ human capital on the CV have been analyzed at the organizational level. However, insights concerning the possible mediation effect of organizational environments on CV at the individual level are limited. Adopting entrepreneurial action, human capital and corporate entrepreneurship approaches, we argue that external uncertainty of economic scenarios could affect certain characteristics of organizational environments inside existing organizations.