Business model design strongly affects performance of entrepreneurial firms, as has been demonstrated by Zott and Amit (2007; 2008), who investigated the relationship between noveltycentered vs. efficiency-centered business models and performance.

The present paper aims to study the effect produced by technology as a potentially important part of entrepreneurial firms’ business models. We propose that following technology maturation noveltycentered business models become replaced by efficiency-centered business models. We further assume that firms whose business models are either novelty-centered or efficiency-centered outperform companies whose business model combine novelty and efficiency.

The context of our study is set within Austrian sustainable energy industry involving different sectors of clean technology, which, albeit still innovative, are no longer radical and are nearing maturity to different degree. Comparing the degree of maturity for different technologies makes it possible to investigate the proposed shift for business models of entrepreneurial firms from novelty-centered to efficiency-centered.