What motivates nascent entrepreneurs to develop further an idea they have had for a new product / service? Although a few studies examined the influence of opportunity ideas’ characteristics on the identification, development and exploitation of such ideas, the bulk of empirical research has focused on the effects of nascent entrepreneurs’ background characteristics, resources and predispositions. By comparison, research on the motivational underpinnings of opportunity pursuits has remained somewhat under-developed. Though many studies include broad considerations like respondents’ entrepreneurial intentions and attitudes towards entrepreneurship, few papers specifically consider one’s personal stance vis-à-vis particular ideas. To address this oversight, we develop and test new theory about nascent entrepreneurs’ personal identification with different ideas for new products and services. We hypothesize that one’s personal identification with an idea is not only related to stated motivations to develop an idea further, but also reinforces the positive influences of perceived desirability, feasibility and commercial value on such motivations.