Body of knowledge about international entrepreneurship (IE) and its contribution to the development of new technologies in emerging industries like renewable energy is still narrow and need further development in both theoretical and empirical aspects. Furthermore, the notion of energy entrepreneurship (Wüstenhagen & Wuebker, 2011) and current practical and theoretical advancements under the name of sustainable entrepreneurship (Schaltegger & Wagner, 2011; Dean & McMullen, 2007) , eco-entrepreneurship (Holt, 2011) and environmental entrepreneurship (York & Venkataraman, 2010) have made significant and diverse contributions to address challenges associated with fossil fuels and fostering sustainable energy development. Due to the paramount importance of energy entrepreneurship and its development toward the new international markets, the main objective of this paper, is to explore the linkage between IE and international development and commercialization of renewable energy as emerging industry.