Entrepreneurial orientation (EO) reflects the entrepreneurial strategy-making processes that key decision makers use to enact their firm’s organizational purpose, sustain its vision, create competitive advantages, and eventually influences firm performance (e.g. Lumpkin & Dess, 1996; Miller, 1983). The beneficial relationship between EO and firm performance has been examined immensely through a growing stream of research (e.g. Rauch et al, 2009) in both the entrepreneurship and strategic management literature. But, most prior studies have focused on firms in the private sector, and implications of EO in other organizational settings including universities remain an underexplored area. Few studies that have examined entrepreneurial actions of universities have largely focused on technology transfer outcomes (Perkmann et al, 2013; Rothaermael et al, 2007). In this study, we widen this scope to a holistic systems perspective that extends beyond university commercialization outcomes.