Over the last decade, there has been growing interest entrepreneurship, a movement supported by universities that develop programs, including the Student Business Plan Competitions (SBPCs), to encourage the development of entrepreneurs. According to the organizers, these programs should do more than develop technical skills. In fact, past research shows that to motivate students to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, they must first feel that they are entrepreneurs, i.e. have developed an entrepreneur identity. However, prior research has mostly focused on individuals already pursuing, and hence little is known about key factors that initially lead individuals to make that decision. In this paper, I aim to understand the factors that influence the individual – factors that encourage the enactment or acquisition of an entrepreneurial mindset as part of their identity. I will use an SBPC as my setting, and I analyze the journey that an aspiring entrepreneur undertakes. Along the journey, participants reflect on their own transition for assuming, developing or enriching an entrepreneurial identity.