Researchers created the Corporate Entrepreneurship Assessment Instrument (CEAI) to measure organizational readiness for corporate entrepreneurship (Hornsby, Kuratko, & Montagno, 1999; Hornsby, Kuratko, Shepherd, & Bott, 2009; Hornsby, Kuratko, & Zahra, 2002). However, while cross-cultural validations have been conducted for the conceptually related Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) construct (Knight, 1997; Kreiser, Marino, & Weaver, 2002; Runyan, Ge, Dong, & Swinney, 2012), the CEAI has not yet been validated across substantially different national cultures around the globe. In addition, while prior applications have focused on either measuring entrepreneurial action at the business unit level (Hornsby et al., 2009) or at the individual level (Hornsby et al., 1999), no prior study to our knowledge has examined business unit and individual level entrepreneurial outcomes in parallel.