Corporate entrepreneurship has been shown to increase firm performance and growth (e.g., Bierwerth et al. 2015; Zahra et al. 2000). To achieve the goal to be more entrepreneurial, corporations often seek to hire entrepreneurs. Hence, entrepreneurs should be highly valued by corporations. Surprisingly, however, most entrepreneurs do not switch to employed work, although the financial returns in their own business are lower than their market wage would be (Baptista, 2012; Hamilton, 2000; Moskowitz and Vissing-Jørgensen, 2002). While this observation could be explained by, for example, non-monetary rewards of self-employment, another intriguing idea is that entrepreneurs cannot switch to employed work (Koellinger et al., 2014). One particular barrier for entrepreneurs to enter the job market may be recruiters, i.e., the gatekeepers of the organization. Therefore, this study tests recruiters’ perceptions of entrepreneurs’ human capital on the labor market.