In their essay of 2011, Sarasvathy and Venkataraman suggested a paradigm shift in entrepreneurship research. Suggested view of entrepreneurship as a general reasoning and problem-solving approach permits us to recognise and understand a companion phenomenon of enterprising individuals and their actions in transforming social and economic reality.

The concept of enterprising individuals is introduced here to distinguish this emerging socio- economic phenomenon from “traditional” entrepreneurship. Enterprising individuals are people, who: a) embrace entrepreneurship as a general problem-solving approach in their individual lives; b) engage in innovative socio-economic activities without necessarily starting up own companies or being included into corporate world as intrapreneurs; and c) co-create their activities together with the network of stakeholders (cf. Sarasvathy and Venkataraman, 2011) based on IT-supported social networks, e.g. blogs. Case studies of three bloggers illustrate the processes outlined above.