Entrepreneurs deal with uncertainty and complexity. As entrepreneurs work towards establishing their ventures, including contact with stakeholders and customers, they often discover the need to change business models. In dealing with change, the willingness of entrepreneurs to learn, learn well, and learn fast, is critical. In fact, scholars argue that ‘entrepreneurship is a process of learning, and a theory of entrepreneurship requires a theory of learning’ (Minitti & Bygrave, 2001: 7). Research on willingness to learn in entrepreneurship is ad hoc and scattered with a significant lack of research at the team level (Wang & Chugh, 2014). Understanding willingness to learn at different levels of analyses is important because high growth ventures are usually started by more than one individual. Our study addresses the antecedents and outcomes of willingness to learn - defined as a learning orientation. Specifically, we address factors that influence learning orientation at the individual level, how individual learning orientation influences learning orientation at the team level, and how learning orientation impacts entrepreneurial outcomes.